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ukraina foorum : Autode müük : M/V: ‘86 Mustang SVO  
Poster Message
M/V: ‘86 Mustang SVO
Müüa 1986aasta Ford Mustang SVO.

Võib pakkuda vahetusi! 6500€ v paku hind.

Car is registered in Estonia, numberplate 20NTX.

Ford Mustang SVO

2,3liter inline 4 with a turbocharger.

Produced from 1984 to 1986.
They made 9844 SVO in 3 years.
In 1986 they made only 666 red ones. (Some of them with sunroof, so actually one of less than 666).

Differences with the standard Mustang Foxbody:
-2,3l SVO turboengine
- T5 Borg Warner manual gearbox
- Hurst shifter
- wider brake pedal for better heel-toe action
- lsd differential, 3.73 gears
- Koni adjustable shock aborbers (rear quad-shock design)
- bigger rear anti-rollbar
- 4x ventilated disc brakes
- 5lug wheels
- Aero nose, big rear spoiler, rocker panel rear spats, c-pillar covers, hoodscoop
- Premium fuel switch (retards the timing)
- sport seats, sport steering wheel
- Magnesium front trailing arms
- bigger front anti-rollbar

Car runs and drives. Its rare. The rockers and floors are in good shape. Has most of the SVO parts. Wheels are just refurbished and have brand new tires on them. It has aftermarket subframe connectors. Front mount intercooler. New 2x2,5 exhaust. Timing belt changed, timing adjusted, oil change and spark plugs.

Car had just a full polish and interior cleaning done.

Handbrake needs work, cables are broken. Body is in good condition, has some patina and some whiskey dents. The front bumper needs some fixing. Rear upper four link bushings should be replaced some time soon.

Car is located in Haapsalu, Estonia. Can deliver.

Price is negotiable. Make me an offer. Exchange also possible

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